I was born with some kind of enamel defect, which has been causing problems with my teeth throughout my entire life. I am 40 now and I’ve seen many dentists in US and Europe seeking help. After a very bad experience in summer last year with a dental office in downtown LA, I started searching for another dentist… and thanks to God I found Dr. Neda Naim. What a nice, helpful experience. Dr. Naim is an amazing dentist and the results of her dental work are the best dental experience in my life. After each visit, I tell Dr. Naim, that she does magic, when it comes to dentistry. Dr. Naim has completely changed the look of my teeth using the least expensive method available. I can say that she brought smile back on my face. Furthermore, she is very detail oriented and the results of her work are just perfect. She also took time to talk to me about oral hygiene and gave advice, which any other dentist has never given me before and which has reduced my dental problems. I am simply very happy after each visit at Dr. Naim’s office and I also want to thank the nice staff at the office, which makes the entire experience very pleasant. I highly recommend Dr. Naim and I am positive that nobody will ever be disappointed with the results of her dental work.

– Anna G.

Los Angeles, CA

Let me start out that I have had bad dentist experiences, either with unnecessary fillings, overcharging, and general uneasiness. However, with Neda I feel extremely welcome & appreciated, the procedures are very quick, she is amazingly accommodating with my string-bean budget, and makes sure I understand what I need now versus what what can wait and what is an enhancement. It’s probably rare for anyone to say “I enjoy going to the dentist,” but I do enjoy the staff and overall experience every time I need some work done.

– Ryan M.

Marina Del Rey, CA

I have been going to this dentist since my Bruin days! Neda Naim and her staff are by far the best dentist in the world! The simple fact that I am scared of the dentist she makes me feel comfortable and simply at peace! I recommend her and her staff for anyone If she can make me look forward to clean my teeth then she can make anyone comfortable!! I would give them 20 stars if I could!

– Marina V.

Culver City, CA

I found dr. Neda Naim, by stopping someone in my neighborhood that had the most incredible smile. Without exaggeration, it has been a life changing experience as I can see it has been for other. Many people have had poor experiences with their dental care thus tend to neglect themselves as I did with myself. Dr. Naim displays passion for her work and is an expert at her craft. She has renewed my passion for living my life by giving me back my smile. She has all the up to date equipment and offers an array of services to make going to the dentist actually a pleasant experience. I NEVER thought I would be saying this about going to the dentist. Her staff is great too, very thorough and pleasant, always following up after your treatment. Always respectful and I would even say nurturing. Not only do I recommend Dr. Naim, my entire family started going to her after they have seen the changes in my smile and my demeanor. I love my life again, I have gone from a scowling sad person to someone that is outgoing and confident person. I love smiling now and I bless the day I stopped the lady on the street with the beautiful smile.

– Janet C.

Los Angeles, CA

8+ years ago I was referred to Dr. Naim as I was having issues from prior shoddy dental work I’d received. This prior dentist who had done my first & only root canal at that time didn’t seal the permanent crown correctly so the remaining tooth ended up damage beyond preservation & Dr. Naim had to pull the whole tooth. I’ve never had a tooth pulled, this was awful and I was so humiliated to have lost a tooth at 35 years old. Then to top things off…. I’d spent so much time, PAIN & worst of all $$$$ for this tooth just to end up losing it.
Dr. Naim and her staff were truly a blessing during that time, they understood my frustration and have taken care of me, my family and especially my remaining teeth 100+ % since then. Sometimes even allowing me to make a couple payments for services when the recession is hitting hard.
If you live in the LA area or are like my family who gladly make the 36+ mile trek from Ventura County, she is the Dentist for you and yours. Don’t hesitate making an appointment as they NEVER overbook, thank goodness…. “You will be cleaned, whitened, pain & cavity free, then in and out before you know it”…

– Amby H.

Canoga Park, CA

I found Dr. Neda Naim by searching on Google 3 years ago. As soon as I made my first visit to her office, I knew she would do an excellent job. 3 years later, I still hold the same opinion about her work. I am grateful for having a Dentist like Dr. Naim who provides excellent work and helping me maintain a healthy oral hygiene.

– Anthony K.

Los Angeles, CA