Many adults and children lose their teeth due to trauma inflicted during sports. That is why when you play sports a custom fitting guard is essential for both kids and adults.

Sports Guards, also known as mouth protectors, help absorb the impact to the face, minimizing injury to the face and risk of broken teeth. They usually are fabricated to go over the upper teeth, protecting both the dentition and the soft tissues in and around your mouth. Research has also shown that sports guards can also dramatically reduce potential damage to your jaws, head, and neck.
Dr. Naim finds that sports guards are an essential piece of athletic gear that should be part of your standard equipment from an early age. Studies show that people that play regular sports are 60 times more likely to suffer harm to the teeth if they’re not wearing a sports guard. And contact sports, such as boxing, martial arts football and basketball are even at a higher-risk for mouth and dental injuries.

The best mouthguard / sports guard’s are ones that have been custom made for your mouth by your dentist. In our office we are up to date with the most advanced sports guard technology today. We work with the top labs to ensure the best fitting, most effective mouthguards that best suit your needs. Sports guards are especially important for those who wear braces. Many injuries to the soft tissues of the mouth occur due to trauma from brackets and wires in braces.

According to the American Dental Association, the lifetime dental costs can approach several thousand dollars per tooth (or teeth) in a sporting injury. The cost of replacing a single knocked-out tooth is more than 20 times the cost of a custom professionally made mouthguard.

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