You may need an Emergency Dentist Brentwood any time of the day or night because of a knocked-out tooth or severe toothache. In case you suffer a severe dental problem besides the normal office hours, then you should check with the emergency dentist or visit an emergency room.

It is good if you are aware of the standard dental problem that you may attend to in the normal office hours or an emergency case that requires seeing a doctor at once.

Whenever you have a dental problem, it does not mean that it is an emergency case. If you want to be aware of the case is an emergency or not; use the following tips.


When you suffer severe pain or bleeding, it may be a sign that you need to see a dentist at once. If you have a chronic toothache, you may opt to a pain reliever found at the local pharmacy. However, in case you suffer severe tooth pain, you may be suffering from a serious problem and it is better to see a doctor so that the problem can be fixed at once. Go to an emergency dentist to see if he can identify the reason behind the pain and to offer an effective remedy.

Do you bleed within your mouth: this may be a sign that you have an emergency?
Did you lose a tooth or it has been knocked out: when you lose a tooth, it is better to see the doctor at once since there you may get the needed treatment. If your tooth had been chipped, you should rinse the mouth using warm water and then make an appointment call at once.

Do you suffer loose teeth: when your tooth is loose even if you may not be having any pain, you should see a doctor at once.
Do you have any infection? If you have a serious infection or an abscess in the mouth, it may be life-threatening and you have to get the help of a dentist at once. This is when you have knots in the gums, your face has swollen and you suffer swollen gums.


You do not have to see an Emergency Dentist if you can wait, it is possible to see the doctor the following day. Even if your problem may look as if it is critical, generally you should be able to wait to see a doctor for at least two days.

The cracked or chipped tooth should be taken as an emergency when a fracture is too painful or if it has left some sharp fragments which may lead to trauma within the mouth. On the contrary, a mild chipped off tooth which is painless may need to at least wait.

A toothache may also wait if you do not suffer too much pain and there is no abscess or other symptoms like high fever, bumps of the gums and swelling of your face.

In case you have lost fillings or a crown, you may wait for a couple of days before you visit a dentist.