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None of us want to hear that we need a filling, yet sometimes the procedure is required to maintain our oral health. A filling is a restorative material that prevents further deterioration of a decay-damaged tooth and renews structural and functional integrity. In the past, filling material was limited to metals, such as silver amalgam and gold; however, advancements in the art and science of dentistry have led to the development and the continued improvement of composite resin.

Composite resin– composed of silica and tooth-colored resin– can repair a decay-damaged tooth. It also offers a cosmetic advantage: it renders the site of repair indistinguishable from the rest of the healthy tooth. Effective and versatile, composite resin can be applied to the back or front teeth. In addition to addressing decay, composite resin can be used for other cosmetic enhancements, such as reshaping disfigured teeth and improving color.

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How They Compare Composite Filling Cast Gold Filling Silver Amalgam Filling
Filling Material Composed of silica and plastic resin Gold Consists of silver, tin, copper, zinc, and mercury
Tooth Preparation Minimal destruction of healthy tooth structure when removing decay to prepare room for the filling Removal of healthy tooth structure when removing decay to prepare the filling Removal of healthy tooth structure when removing decay to prepare the filling
Procedure time About a one-hour appointment Requires at least two appointments About a 20-40 minute appointment
Durability At least 5 years, can be comparable to amalgam filling if skillfully placed 10-15 years 10-15 years
Aesthetics Natural tooth-like appearance Highly visible metallic appearance Metallic appearance that also discolors the surrounding tooth

Unlike gold and silver amalgam fillings, composite fillings actually bond to the structure of the tooth. When it hardens, composite resin is transformed into a durable, tooth-like material that reinforces and supports the tooth structure. Nowadays, tooth-colored composites are used more frequently than their metal counterparts. Their aesthetic appeal makes them highly popular, especially for those concerned with having a confident smile.

Your Natural Composite Fillings at Brentwood Dentistry in LA

One of the best cosmetic dentists in the Los Angeles area, Dr. Neda Naim employs the latest technology and uses the most advanced, clinically proven materials in her practice.

During a composite filling procedure, Dr. Naim will ensure the patient’s comfort by administering anesthesia. Then, to prepare the tooth, she will remove decay and clean the area. Once the tooth is satisfactorily prepared, she will begin the layering process, which involves applying a coat of composite resin then hardening it with a special light. Several layers will be applied until the filling is complete. As a final step, Dr. Naim will trim, mold and polish the composite material, giving a final finish to the restored tooth.

Natural Composite Filling Results with Dr. Naim in Los Angeles

Composite fillings have been shown to be quite durable, lasting for at least 5 years. Depending on the condition of the tooth and the skill of the dentist, composites can potentially rival amalgam fillings in longevity.

Because small to medium sized fillings tend to be more resistant to wear, it is recommended that an individual have a damaged tooth treated as soon as possible. Once a problem with decay is identified, Dr. Naim and her team will give prompt attention to the problem tooth. A composite filling can be scheduled immediately so that the patient can see results as soon as possible.

Taking Care of Your Composite Fillings

With composite fillings, you can resume eating and drinking immediately following your appointment. You can brush and floss as you normally would. Some patients report sensitivity to cold and chewing in the first few weeks. If you have persistent pain or problems biting down, you should notify Dr. Naim’s office immediately.

No filling lasts forever, so it is important to see a dentist for regular checkups to maintain a brilliant smile.

Your Consultation at Brentwood Dentistry in LA

If you have tooth damage and would like to learn more about natural-looking composite fillings, or if you are considering having your amalgam fillings replaced, call Dr. Naim’s LA office for a consultation. She will carefully examine your teeth and determine the best, most effective plan to restore and improve your teeth. With her state-of-the-art techniques and eye for detail, Dr. Naim can alleviate tooth pain and transform a smile, erasing all traces of decay and dental disrepair.