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BAG photo- before teeth whitening, little enamelplasty
BAG photo- after teeth whitening, little enamelplasty

Eric had ZOOM in office teeth whitening. Eric also had 2 front veneers done on his upper two front teeth to close his gap and repair his discolored teeth. We also did a little enamelplasty, a technique where we smooth out uneven edges and create a straighter more symmetrical smile line.

Photo before teeth whitening, enamelplasty
Photo after teeth whitening, enamelplasty

Hugh had Zoom teeth whitening, enamelplasty ; contouring of his lower front teeth, and porcelain veneers on his 6 upper front teeth to close gaps, brighten his teeth to his preference and lengthen smile zone. He had always wanted a whiter smile, and had tetracycline stains that simply would not whiten with teeth whitening procedures. So porcelain veneers offered the optimal solution to create the smile he always wanted!

BAG -  Sean photo before teeth whitening
BAG -  Sean photo after teeth whitening

Sean had Zoom in office teeth whitening along with 2 porcelain veneers on his two upper front teeth. In addition, he had resin bonding added to his lower front teeth which were chipped. The lower front teeth also had enamelplasty; a technique where we even out and make the edges of the teeth more in harmony and uniform to create the optimal smile line.

Nicole's photo -  before teeth whitening and full mouth reconstruction
Nicole's photo -  after teeth whitening and full mouth reconstruction

Nicole had Zoom teeth whitening and full mouth reconstruction. She has full porcelain crowns on her upper front teeth and porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns on her lower teeth. We also repaired Nicole’s uneven bite and smile line. Her bite had collapsed over time due to excessive wear triggered by her uneven bite.

Michelle's photo before - veneers on upper teeth and teeth whitening
Michelle's photo after - veneers on upper teeth and teeth whitening

Michelle, former Ms. Georgia, had 10 veneers done on her upper teeth to replace old bonding’s done on her front teeth years ago, which had discolored. With veneers we were able to lengthen, broaden and create a more uniform smile line. She also had her lower teeth whitened to match her new brighter smile.

full mouth reconstruction - before photo
full mouth reconstruction - after photo

Viviane had full mouth reconstruction. She first did Invisalign to straighten her severely crowded front lower teeth and back teeth which were misaligned. In addition to restoring most of her back teeth and maximizing the support of her bite, she also had 4 upper porcelain veneers done to close her gaps and lengthen and broaden her smile; giving her more lip support.

full mouth reconstruction - before photo
full mouth reconstruction - after photo

full mouth reconstruction - before photo
full mouth reconstruction - after photo

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