High Tech Tools

Intra-Oral Camera

Intra-Oral Camera

The intra-Oral camera allows both the doctor and the patient to view and understand the dental conditions in the mouth. It allows us to look at the teeth and gums in an up-close picture on a monitor. However, most importantly, it allows the patient as well as the dentist to have interaction and involvement in the treatment-planning phase of their treatment.

Drill-less Dentistry

This new technology in drill free cavity preparation is called “air-abrasion”. It gives us the ability to remove cavities without the use of traditional drills. In addition, it allows the dentist to remove the small cavity without having to give an injection! It uses micro particles with compressed air and abrades away the decay in a “pain free” and “noise free” environment.

Digital Cavity Detector

This new technology in the detection of cavities is called Diagnodent. It allows us to detect cavities at their earliest stage, enabling us to save and preserve tooth structure. The dentist’s visual and radiographic evaluation can become significantly more accurate with the use of this caries detection system.