Does Mouthwash Really Work?

Mouthwash - ListerineA splash of antibacterial mouthwash can leave your mouth feeling cool and clean. But fresh breath is not the only benefit of using mouthwash. Here are the three reasons to give your mouth a thorough rinse after brushing and flossing:

#1: Mouthwash helps keep the gums healthy
Gum disease, or periodontal disease, occurs when bacteria has an environment in which it can thrive. Antibacterial alcohol -free mouthwash can help neutralize a bacteria-friendly mouth. The swishing action can dislodge food particles and help control bacterial build-up. This can calm inflammation and alleviate tenderness in the gums. In addition, poor gum health can contribute to bad breath. Antibacterial mouthwash can immediately freshen breath, as well as offer protection against gingivitis-causing microbes for a few hours after use.

#2: Mouthwash can help strengthen your teeth
Mouthwash contains fluoride, an enamel-strengthening compound that has been clinically shown to prevent and reduce tooth decay. Most toothpaste has fluoride, but a follow up rinse with mouthwash can add an extra benefit. A mouthful of fluoride mouthwash can deliver cavity busting properties to the teeth, including surfaces a toothbrush cannot reach.

#3: Mouthwash can help maintain brighter, whiter teeth
Today, many mouthwashes contain whitening agents, most commonly hydrogen peroxide. A daily rinse can help reduce staining and brighten the teeth. This is highly recommended if you have had a professional teeth whitening treatment and would like to preserve the results.

Incorporating mouthwash in your daily dental hygiene routine can help keep your teeth healthy and enhance your smile. Before you purchase a mouthwash, however, you should check to see that the brand contains fluoride and has the desired antibacterial properties. If you have sensitive teeth, look for an alcohol-free formula.

Although mouthwash can help maintain the teeth and gums, it should be considered a complimentary step to brushing and flossing. To reduce plaque and tartar, top Los Angeles dentist Dr. Neda Naim recommends professional cleanings twice a year.

If you would like to learn more about how to maintain optimal oral health and keep your smile polished, contact her office to schedule a routine checkup.

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